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Care Instructions

Your NIGEL KNOX - Nifty Socks have been manufactured from the finest materials, including extra soft, mercerized, ELS (Extra Long Staple) Pima Cotton. The toes are closed by an exacting, labor intensive process known as "hand looping" or "hand-linking" which eliminates the need for any machine-sewn seams that would be bulky and potentially uncomfortable. NIGEL KNOX - Nifty Socks are then washed and hand ironed before final packaging. Luxury socks, like all luxury products, require extra care to insure an extended period of pleasure.


Cotton socks:  Machine washing is permissible, however it is most important that the socks be turned inside out before laundering. This is particularly necessary, especially on any patterned socks, to insure that the quality is satisfactorily maintained. For absolute best results and extended wear, we suggest hand washing (inside-out), followed by laying flat to dry.


Cashmere Blend Socks: For best results, please wash by hand in warm water with a small amount of mild detergent and air dry on a flat surface.


Our socks are sized to fit 10-13, which equates to U. S. shoe sizes 8-12.



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